Rilius Antonius



17.1.2003 - 14.1.2013

Owner: Riitta Aholehto, Kotka, Finland

The most important showresults:
6.12.2003 Helsinki CERT JW-06, Harri Lehkonen (Finland)
15.5.2004 Hamina CERT, Gitta Ringwall (Finland)
28.8.2004 Kouvola CERT, Peter Machetanz (Germany)
21.5.2005 Hamina CERT CACIB FIN CH, Annukka Paloheimo (Finland)
27.5.2006 Kohtla-Järve CERT EST CH, Natalia Sedoh (Russia)

Onni is my mother’s dog and lives with my parents. But he spends very much time also with my family in Pyhtää. I take care and make all desicions about him. Onni knows also the nicknames “Mr. Manninen” and “Oscar Von Töppers”.

Onni is a piece of gold. He is very friendly and he loves his family a lot. He wants to be with you whatever you do. Onni is very smart and likes all kind off little activities at home. Etc. he likes to carry usefull things to family members if we are asking to. I think he is so clever that he understands as much as two years old kid!  

Onni is really gentleman with older bitches, but with males he wants to be absolutely number one!

                                                                 Writer: Piia Sipola